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Below you will find our FAQ. Enter your question in the search box or select one of the categories. If your question remains unanswered, contact us at .

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About Gate1.ie

Gate1.ieis all about you!

Whether you are looking for a flight or a rental car; Gate1.ie will help you find easily what you're looking for! Of course a cheap flight is very important, but there are more criteria to meet when choosing a flight. You want something that suits you best!

What makes us here at Gate1 so special?
We will help you making your decision. We aim to supply you all the information about a flight we can get so you can decide what is important to you! So we will offer you the on time performance of our flights, information and previews on airlines and their service on board. We will show you the Seat Pitch in economy on different airlines; a nice thing to know when choosing a long haul flight. We also look for nearby airports which could result in a cheaper fare. With just one click on the map you can see how to get to the (alternative) airport. Gate1 will show you the environmental friendliest flight and give you the option to compensate your CO2 emissions. These are just a few examples on how we can make your choice easier.

By creating a profile at my.tix.nl and saving your preferences, we will show you the flights relevant to you first. I enables us to help you in the best possible way. Business travellers can even make an express booking without having to enter passport details. Express bookings are completed within one minute!


General Information

Please note: Gate1.ie does NOT have a visiting address. The address below is an office address only. Therefore it is not possible to visit us (for payments etc.)


TIX.nl B.V.

Ceresstraat 15 A2
4811 CA Breda

KVK: 50031600 0000
Telephone: +353768888914

E-mail: info@gate1.ie


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